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Tree Watering for maintenance

One should recognize the importance of trees not just to our planet, but also to our city’s overall ecosystem and our parks. This is why there’s a large focus on tree care projects around here.

When caring for trees at home, you can properly show your trees some love through proper mulching, watering, pruning and more. The benefits of trees in your yard are truly endless, but an unhealthy tree can cause problems for you that cost you money and curb appeal.

See 7 tree maintenance tips that will help keep the trees in your yard healthy and happy.

1. Regular Tree Maintenance

Regular tree maintenance can mean a variety of things. From tree trimming to regular watering, entrusting your trees to a pro can mean a longer and healthier life for them. It also has the benefit of taking that landscaping project off your plate.

2. Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is a task you can do yourself or with the help of a landscaping pro. Regular tree trimming Clermont FL is important to remove dead branches and leaves so new ones can grow. You may also find that your tree needs some trimming if it’s getting a bit too close to the house. High winds, storms and loose branches can cause serious damage to your home, if not taken care of properly.

3. Soil Testing

If you’re finding that your trees are looking less than their best, soil may be the culprit. This is especially important if your tree is a seedling or you’ve recently replanted a tree. Soil testing can help you determine the pH levels and minerals already in your soil, and how you can improve it to see your trees truly thrive.

4. Watering

For new trees, watering is extremely important. The general rule is 10 gallons of water per inch of the trunk’s diameter. This will help it grow and not dry out. As the roots get deeper and the tree gets larger, the tree is able to draw up water from other areas of the grow. A large tree can obtain up to 100 gallons of water through its deep roots in a day. While older and larger trees need less maintenance, newer or replanted trees need more regular watering to stay healthy.

5. Mulch

More than just a decorative element to your yard, mulch provides many benefits to your trees. According to the National Arbor Day Foundation, it helps insulate the ground around the tree from drastic change in temperatures and retains water. This can be particularly helpful for trees that have been replanted.

The amount of mulch you’ll need depends on the size of the tree itself. Most tree bases need between 3’ to 10’ of mulch around the tree.

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6. Watch For Pests & Diseases

Even with plenty of care, there are two enemies of a healthy tree. Pests and disease could ruin many efforts. To prevent this, carefully monitor your tree to see signs of abnormal change such as spots on leaves, fungi, or changes in plant structure.

Tree Pest Removal

When it comes to pest control for your tree, there are plenty of critters that can infest your tree, causing damage to it and other trees around it.

There are many insect control formulas available if you find an infestation. However, if you feel like you need a stronger solution, contact a landscaping pro who can help identify the problem and treat it appropriately.

Tree Disease Treatment

Rot and fungi are among the most common diseases in trees. Fungi is often the first sign of tree decay and rot and should be treated immediately. Similarly to pests, there are many fungicides at your local home and garden store that can help eliminate the fungus and stop the growth.

7. Prepare Your Tree For Winter

At the end of the season, before the first frost, you’ll want to prepare your tree for the winter. For smaller trees, transplants and fruit trees, you’ll want to protect them from the harsh cold. If you’re able, cover your tree with a tarp or sheet to protect from the frost. Also, put a layer of fertilizer down around the tree so it doesn’t lose the nutrients it needs.

For any tree, be sure to prune the branches one last time so they’re able to grow even more in the spring, once the warm weather returns.

Trees are a beautiful and environmentally friendly addition to any yard. When taken care of correctly, your tree can have a long lifespan that you and many others can enjoy for years to come.



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