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Stump Grinding and Removal

Just like Tree Trimming and Tree Removal Services, Tree Stump related services need experts to deal with. At TJ’s Trees, we will provide you with some help on deciding what exactly is needed for your backyard or anywhere in your surrounding areas. There are many reasons to grind or remove a tree stump from your garden, such as to improve the aesthetics of your backyard or to prevent it from causing injury to any member of your family.

There are several factors that determine the price of grinding services:

  • Size of tree stump
  • Accessibility to the location of the stump
  • How many stumps to be removed
  • Lot clearing if needed

Stump Removal Technique

In stump removal techniques, you would find that the whole stump along with the root ball of the tree is removed. This is considered to be a slightly difficult process. Normally, when the tree grows, the root ball grows along with it. You would find that the root ball expands considerably giving in to large root sizes. General size of the root ball would be about four to ten times the size of a tree. This is why the root ball removal is considered challenging by most stump removal professionals. Once the root ball is removed using stump removal techniques, you would find that there is a huge hole in the ground, where the tree stood once.

Stump Grinding Technique

Once the tree has been cut to ground level or removed, the stump is removed using the stump grinding technique. While performing tree stump grinding, the stump is first grounded using a stump grinder into small pieces. These small pieces are such that they can be used as a ground cover or a mulch. After the stump is grounded using the grinder, till it is a few inches below the earth, the portion is covered by dirt and dust. After a period of time, the portion will decay along with the roots surrounding it.

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What Happens if You Leave Your Stump?

There are quite a few problems that can arise from leaving a stump in place after having a tree removed. If you’re dealing with some or even all of these issues, talk to a Tree Service Clermont FL team member about the best options for you with regard to tree services.

Stumps are an eyesore.

The most basic reason to remove or grind a tree stump is the fact that they just don’t look good in your yard. Everything else about your landscaping could be beautiful, but a rouge tree stump will distract from all of the good things. This is especially a problem if you’re trying to sell your home. A distracting tree stump may leave a bad taste in a potential buyer’s mouth.

Stumps are dangerous.

Tree stumps pose a threat to children (or adults) who play or run in your yard. Low-cut tree stumps are more dangerous because it’s more likely that grass or weeds will grow up around it and make it harder to see and easier to trip over. If a neighbor trips over it and hurts themselves, you may even be liable for their injuries.

Stumps can be dangerous to your lawn equipment too. If you forget it’s there and run over it with your lawnmower, it could get damaged or break beyond repair.

Stumps can cause new tree growth.

If your stump is left in your yard with the roots intact, new trees can start to sprout, and you’ll be back where you started. Except for this time, it will be even harder to remove the trees and the stump because they’ve strengthened and grown in more complicated ways. The small trees that pop up can also steal nutrients from the soil and the plants around them.

Stumps attract bugs and pests.

As the stump starts to rot, it can attract beetles, termites, ants, and other wood-boring pests. You may not mind them in your yard, but they can eventually spread to your home.
If you are experiencing any of these issues, contact your tree services experts, Tree Service Clermont, FL.

Is it better to grind a stump or remove it?

Stump grinding services and removal both come with pros and cons. Choosing which route is best for you mostly depends on the future plans you have for your landscape. Make yourself free to contact us and we will help you decide efficiently.

The stump removal process is the more intrusive of the two. It involves heaving up the bulky tree stump and then digging out all the tree’s widespread roots. As you can imagine, it takes a lot of time, elbow grease, and powerful tools to get the job done. The upside? After stump removal, you’re left with a clean slate open to any new ideas you have for your landscape. What’s not so great is that stump removal leaves behind a large hole that can be unpleasing and dangerous until it’s filled in.

Stump grinding services is much less intensive. In this case, arborists use a machine to completely shred the stump down into small woodchips. Grinding is much more efficient than stump removal, however, it does leave the tree’s roots behind. If the stump is large, the chip pile produced can also be quite large, but the chips can be used as mulch for other plants in your landscape.



What are the pros and cons of Stump Grinding and Removal?

Stump Grinding Pros

  • Fast
  • Not labour-intensive
  • No gaping hole is left afterwards
  • Environmentally friendly
  • The remains of the stump are ideal for mulching

Stump Grinding Cons

  • The possibility of eventual sprouts
  • Roots decay
  • Potentially harmful to children

Stump Removal Pros

  • The advantages of stump removal are generally the same as those of grinding. However, because this process involves pulling the stump from the ground, this means it can be done in a day.

Stump Removal Cons

  • A more complicated process
  • A large hole is left, which needs to be filled
  • Requires heavy equipment and can be costly

Always Trust the Experts

Now that you know the pros and cons and have made your choice, the next decision you need to make is who will remove or grind your tree stump. It is crucial to hire a professional company to advise you and perform this service. Who better than Tree Service Clermont, FL to make sure you receive stump grinding and other related tree services.

There are a lot of dangers to attempting either method on your own. It’s always best to let our professionals do the hard work. If you try to do it yourself, you risk exposure to harmful chemicals and pollutants, injury, breaking equipment, and causing even more damage to your lawn.

If you have a stump that needs to be removed or are already planning on having a tree removed, talk to the professionals at MHT Tree Service Clermont FL about the tree services. Contact us for more information and a quote.

Our team at MHT Tree Service has highly skilled experts, specialized in stump grinding services and removal at competitive rates. Feel free to call us today, and we’ll get the job done right.